Colin Barry

Careers Panel (FD, Monday, Week 10)


Panelists: Gary Mueller (Institutional Investor), Furqan Nazeeri (REVA, Pivot), Eric Paley (Brontes, Founder Collective), Janet Kraus (Circles)

Skill vs. Luck: Read "Performance Persistence in Entrepreneurship"

Eric Paley: HBS statistics on the prevalence of entrepreneurship = overwhelmed by people starting investment firms.

Furqan: Put everyone in your HBS section's birthday on your Google Contacts right now. Keep in touch.

Eric Paley: Become an expert in whatever arena your new venture plays in.
At Brontes, "We had more continuing education credits than probably any dentist in the U.S."

From Vinicius Vacanti at Yipit, how to be appropriately pragmatic about startup ideas:

"I called Jeff Parker 35 times before he returned my call. And I had a warm intro --- Bill Sahlman knew him!" -- Gary Mueller on persistence