Colin Barry


My name is Colin Barry. I am interested in building products that solve hard problems and that people enjoy.

I currently work on the storefront product management team at Wayfair. Before that, I built user acquisition and engagement tools for mobile apps at Localytics. Sometimes, I blogged about the stuff my team built. Before that, I worked on clinical integration and healthcare interoperability for athenahealth.

wait, so what is this?

Mostly a compilation of class notes I took as an MBA student. Scott Snook once mentioned that the greatest regret of his MBA experience was not forcing himself to write down "what I learned today" after each day of b-school. So at the beginning of my second year, I started writing down what I learned after every class session. I was fortunate enough to take classes taught by Michael Porter, Clay Christensen, and Tom Eisenmann (among many others).

I decided to blog what I learned because there is some compelling research about the power of public commitments to incent people to accomplish their goals. Basically, if you tell all your friends that you will lose 10 pounds or write a novel or start a business, the probability that you will actually do so increases dramatically.

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