Colin Barry

Go-To-Market Strategy (15.390, Monday, Week 11)


Three ten-minute presentations; no formal lecture.

Think about your Plan B if MVP tests don’t work out. Not the end of the world, but think about how you’d change your business model.

How Monsanto markets GMO crops: lots of users testimonials. “People who are just like you” who realized significant return = powerful motivator.

Identify thought-leaders/influencers in an industry and win them over. If you can’t win them over, your product is probably doomed anyway. Think about how your product would help them (ag schools would love more data on disease outbreaks…).

Make sure you understand your customers’ motivations.
Example: Germ fighting product for daycare centers. Seems like a great idea, but daycare centers actually WANT kids to get sick. Sick children still pay for daycare but don’t come to school.