Colin Barry

Discover your authentic leader (ALD, Thursday, Week 1)


Marty Sullivan (UPenn researcher) observed that psychology and pharmacology have made great strides in changing mentally unhealthy people to okay people. But medicine has almost nothing to say about how to flourish: how to live a great life and not merely an okay life. Clearly the answer is not "more of the same." Twice as much Zoloft does not make a person twice as happy.

The only trend observed in studies of the strongest marriages/relationships: partner A rates partner B higher in every attribute than partner B rates him/herself. And vice versa.

The 70-20-10 Rule on learning to lead: 70% of learning comes from actually leading, 20% comes from feedback or coaching while you are leading, and 10% comes from books or the classroom.
The obvious mystery: why do people come to business school to learn how to lead?

Stuff people want out of life: PERMA
Positive Emotions
Engagement ("flow")
(Earned) Achievement