Colin Barry

Khan Academy (EF, Thursday, Week 11)


Fascinating case, not sure about take-aways...
Sal Khan cited authenticity as the "core" of Khan Academy's success. Other factors: bite-sized content (10-15 minute segments), totally brilliant and interesting presenter (Sal), tutoring vs. teaching model.

I'm worried about their transition to the big time. It seems as if Khan will have serious crossing-the-chasm problems that were not discussed in a way that made me comfortable.\

Current user base: privileged high-school/college kids who WANT help learning math and science in a way that supplements formal instruction, without using a real tutor or asking their teachers for help.
Targeted user base: middle-school kids in underperforming schools who may not want to learn math and science, coordinated through teachers/educational system, where completion/progress through lessons can be monitored.
How are these the same jobs-to-be-done? Like, at all?

Still an incredibly impressive guy and meaningful mission. I was in awe.

"I waited a long time before I quit my job." -- Sal Khan
"I didn't want to live off my savings for nine months, but it made for a great story." -- Sal Khan