Colin Barry

Optimizing your Leadership Effectiveness (ALD, Thursday, Week 13)


Daniel Kahneman on how you experience life vs. how you remember life:
(1) Duration doesn't matter.
Example: 30-year marriage where the first 27 years were great and then you had 3 years of fights and a messy divorce. You don't actually think about the fact that the good years far outstripped the bad...

(2) It's all about the peaks and the end.
You don't really remember the troughs (tough moments) in hindsight, as long as the highs were high and things ended well.

Collected learnings from the semester (from the class as a whole)
-- See people as they want to be, not just as they are.
-- Find/create LDG-like settings where you can think intentionally about your life. Because you won't get the best insight from your spouse, your parents, your close friends, your co-workers, or your boss.
-- "It's okay to have high-class problems; it's not okay to think they're real problems."
-- Everyone is uncomfortable about something.
-- "Ask for help when you need it." Also, in hindsight, ask for help when you don't need it.
-- "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans."  -- Woody Allen