Colin Barry

Intel NBI/Managing Innovation and Creating Growth (Pt 2) (BSSE, Tuesday, Week 12)


Vital Amines (or, "what's still missing if we understand disruption")
-- Where is "the edge of the earth?" Probably there is some limit to the level of innovation a company should pursue. Where does it lie? What types of innovations will actually never work for me/my company?
Example: Should Intel NBI have created or NetFlix? Probably not.

-- Why do some firms with "disruptive potential" beat out others?
Example: There were hundreds of Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturers in the late 80s/early 90s. There are currently three with 90-something percent market share --- Asustek, Acer, and HTC. What did they do different?
One thought: "deep dives" => CEOs and key managers spent 5% of time on existing businesses and 70% on new businesses. If you have good processes for sustaining core business, best people should not focus on the core business. You need them to develop new processes for new businesses...

-- What the heck do you do if you're a smart low-level employee at a firm that is messing up?
I.e. You're a junior guy at Intel and you see ARM/mobile on the horizon. You know it's going to kill Intel in 10 years if you don't do anything. What can you really do?
My Answer: Leave Intel, start a business around ARM...
Ironic, because the class is called "Building and Sustaining Successful Enterprises."